Welcome to “Being the Change”

Welcome to My New Online Essay Collection:
​Being The Change

I write daily in pencil, in my home-made journals.  Here’s an attempt at sharing some of my words I find meaningful and inspiring.

A note on my essays:
I’ve been holding back posting what I write because I have an Inner Perfectionist that wants everything 100% ready before I share it with the world.

I’m 46 years old.  A year older than Thoreau was when he died.  Five years older than my mother was when she died 28 years ago.

I’ve recently come across Angeles Arrien’s notes on the “Addiction to Perfection,” in her book the Four-Fold Way.

​I’m pushing myself over the Perfectionists Hump, and letting the words out.

If you have constructive critique of my essay entries, what you see would make it stronger writing, please feel free to share with me.  I may not edit the individual entries, but may revisit them for a book project I’m simultaneously working on.​

Thanks and enjoy!