drawing of MasonJar Soothie

Allow yourself permission to take time alone. ‘Turtle In.’ Pamper yourself. Nourish yourself with tenderness and care. What feeds you? A hot bath, a cup of tea, time in nature? I love to get cozy reading stories written for children and then napping.

Take your time.

I joined Leesa Renee Hall’s Inner Field Trip® community* in June 2020. One of my favorite things about this community (& there are many, I will be sharing much more in the future) is the emphasis on integrating ‘Active Rest Stops’ into our daily lives.

The picture included for this post originated with an exercise where Leesa invited us to create our ‘Soothie’ – a visual reminder of the things we can ‘drink up’ to restore ourselves.

What are your go-to soothies? How could you visually represent them so that you might access them more often? Is your soothie a cup of tea, that you sit down and sip as it cools? Or a thick, rugged, green- smoothie that you pour into a mason jar, toss in your pack and take to the woods? How about a Both-And Restorative Soothie?!

Please share in the comments below, or send me a message when you sign up for our Paradise Found email list here! May we relax our nervous systems so that we may feel more playful and can enhance our capacity to fully engage with Life.

 *, @leesareneehall, @innerfieldtrip, #innerfieldtrip