3H-Ha Time Investment Policy

Time Investment in Harpal’s Healing Harbor



A creative effort that both builds community and expands possibilities of a market economy, while supporting a new and growing business.



I’m inviting people to invest their time in growing my business, while letting them benefit financially if and when the business thrives. At this point I do not have the financial resources to pay for the support I need, but I’m hopeful that people will consider giving their time up front, a ‘pay-it-forward’ idea.


Choose one of the following seven options. For the first six, please keep track of your hours, and let me know what they are on a regular basis (weekly, quarterly, or “by the project.”)


  1. Bill me at your hourly rate, and I’ll pay you when my business turns a profit. For example, if you generally charge $30/hour and you devote 10 hours to 3H-Ha, send me a bill for $300, which will be paid if and when there is profit. It may come in one lump sum, or in several smaller payments, depending on how many people choose this option. Your patience would be requested.
  2. Take a percentage of post-profit return. This will be based on the total number of hours contributed by all people involved. Here’s a rudimentary attempt at an algebraic equation:


X= # of people contributing time

Y = total # of hours contributed

Z = dollar amount of business profits after all expenses are covered

  1. INVEST your percentage of profits back into the business as a ‘shareholder’: your percentage would transfer into ‘business stock’ and you would be considered a shareholder. When the business becomes profitable, you could ‘sell your shares/stock’ at current value.
  2. Take advantage of 3H-Ha products and services at a 25% discounted rate. For example: attend a $200 class series for $150 worth of time-credits.
  3. “Pay It Forward” #1: Choose to give your contribution directly to the business. Perhaps the calculated percentage could be a tax write-off if we bother to play the federal game and get appropriate IRS-recognized incorporation status? (We may not.)
  4. “Pay It Forward” #2:  We’ll give your portion to another organization on your behalf (when the business makes a )
  5. A seventh option might be that you feel good about the work 3H-Ha is doing, and want to donate your time and/or effort in helping it In that case, no one needs to keep any records.

For any of these options, I commit myself to keeping clear, transparent records that will be available to you for review at any time.


Another attempt at an algebraic equation:

If X = 10 contributors

& Y = 100 hours

& Z = $1,000


& W = division of Z by Y

W = $10


X contributors = 10, named a-j

Y # of hours, (a-j adds up to 100 hours)













Personal Profit = amount of hours multiplied by W (which is equal division of total profit)


So for contributor ‘a’

‘a’ x W

30 x $10 = $300 Personal Profit


For contributor ‘c’

‘c’ x W

19 x $10 = $190 Personal Profit


Then ‘a’ or ‘c’ can choose how to be compensated for the time they invested in building the 3H-Ha business.



I asked a high school algebra student to make me a simpler equation. It didn’t make much sense to me, but here it is:


H = x/p, where H=hours, p = people,  and x=the value of post-expense profit


P = # of people

H = # of hours

X = output