Visioning What I’d Like to Co-Create

Visioning What I’d Like to Co-Create on Mount Desert Island for Community Health and Vitality through my organization:

Harpal’s Healing Harbor,


Everybody in our community feels valued, knows their purpose and engages in meaningful work.  Collaborations are intrinsic in daily life.  The interconnectedness of our human nature and the natural world is recognized and honored.  We recognize our status as global citizens, we work for the Earth, and therefore, each other.


We’ve moved in the lower three chakras out of the shadow of greed and into the light of cooperation and belonging.


In our interconnectedness we are fearless of death and illness, recognizing their value.  Instead of attempting to fix and cure everything from our buggy lawns to our ailing bodies with toxic cocktails that inevitably cause harm farther downstream, we accept and work within the parameters of the cycles of life.  Ideals of beauty and success have evolved to include our oneness;  from monocrop lawns to meadows and gardens of diversity and nourishment.  We collectively value each other, ourselves, and our Planet.  Children, youth, men & women, gender-neutral/gender-fluid people, and elders are all integrated into the fabric of community and are valued beyond the workforce.  We recognize each other belonging to one inclusive human family. The cycles and diversity of life as well as the seasons are honored.  People visit from far and wide to share and receive gifts.


Our community was originally innovative, but now is the norm around the world.  (By 2034) This era of peace, prosperity and health has arrived for everybody.


We discovered that community-based living fosters health, wellness, collaboration, creativity, sanctity and sovereignty:


A place to grow food and families.  A place where elders can thrive to the end of their days.  A place people will want to visit.  A place for learning and sharing, healing and celebrating.  A place for creative expression and community gathering.  Songs, dance, feasting, star-gazing, connecting, empathy.  Acceptance.  Rumi’s Field (“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I will meet you there.” – Rumi)


Is this the world you want to live in? Please let me know what I’m forgetting, and help me co-create it. We’ve got to be able to dream it if we’re ever going to live it!