An Introduction to the Communication Toolkit

Communication Toolkit

Exploring conflict resolution skills over the past two decades, I discovered a deep, abiding peace.

Peace Comes From Within Calligraphy

Daily life presents ongoing communication challenges. Fortunately, our closest relationships benefit from diligent praxes. Exceptional ease and understanding are available, if we choose to seek it. Just last night, my beloved husband, Kyle, and I gracefully went through Discomfort by utilizing our honed skills. We all live in a stressful time, and that stress hampers communication which brings Discomfort.  At the end of our conversation, we both felt grateful. Over five years later (in 2020), as I revise this Toolkit, I continue to appreciate our commitment to working through misunderstandings and differences of opinion.

I present this Communication Toolkit as a possibility to enrich your relationships.

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Breath-Filled Communication




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